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French verb tables have left their mark on generations of schoolboys and girls in France and elsewhere, throughout the 20th century and before. Indeed, these are almost the only means that were offered to them to learn verb forms. If a minority of people succeeded in having a perfect command of French thanks to them, a growing part of the French speaking world avoids certain verbs and tenses for fear of badly using them. As a result, few tenses and many verbs or some of their forms have disappeared from everyday French.

Then, are classical verb tables still adapted to the challenges of communication of this new millennium? If they are excellent reference-tools to check such or such form of a verb, do they allow, alone, a fast and effective learning of the conjugation?

As the creator of new learning tools (The French verb table of the 3rd millennium, the 222 French verb table fast track) and the author of a book on classical verb tables, I wish on www.conjugation.info  to allow you to evaluate the differences between these tools.


I consider that there are two main types of verb tables : classical ones and the verb tables of the 3rd millennium. Many tools present classical verb tables (books, CD-ROM, software, etc.). Yet I do not wish to list them all or to comment on them. Other websites already offer you this service.


In a first part, I present the different steps that have lead from classical verb tables to the table of the 3rd millennium. In a second part, I present some key figures on these two types of table. In a third part, I list the 222 verbs contained in these new tools.

This website is under construction and I will supplement it in the months to come. Please let me know what you think and send me your suggestions on the following link: Contact

I have pleasure in helping you to reach your goals!



André Marie BAVEREL (23-06-05)



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